Maternity DNA Testing

Maternity DNA Test in Nigeria

Lynx DNA Laboratories offers Maternity DNA Test in Nigeria at our DNA Test Centres that are in Lagos, Abuja, portharcourt, Calabar, Benin, Port Harcourt, Aba and other states.

For Maternity DNA Test to determine the real biological mother of a child, both child and mother are tested, unlike in Paternity Test where father is not tested.

What is Maternity DNA Test?

Maternity DNA Test is genetic profiling that compares DNA of a child with the alleged mother to determine the true biological mother. Half of a child’s DNA is from mother, while the other half is from the father.

Why Maternity DNA Test?

Maternity test is always required to prove biological relationship for immigration purpose. Besides, if in-vitro fertilization was involved in a child’s birth maternity test is required to confirm the real mother.

If baby mix-up happens in an hospital and the staff cannot identify the real mother of a child, maternity test can be used to confirm the biological mothers of babies in dispute.

Where to Do Maternity DNA Test in Nigeria?

Lynx Labs offers  Maternity DNA test among other DNA Test services in various centres that are present in states in all geo-political zones in Nigeria.

Here is a list of our Maternity DNA Test centres in Nigeria

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