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We offer Grandparent DNA Test in Nigeria at Lynx DNA Laboratories with DNA Test Centres spread across Lagos, Calabar, Benin, Port Harcourt, Aba among other states.

Grandparent DNA Test might be right for you if you are trying to confirm if a person is your grandparent or establish paternity, but the father is not available for testing.

What is Grandparent DNA Test?

Grandparent DNA test is done on one of the parents of either the father or the mother of child in dispute if the alleged father, mother or both are not available for DNA testing.

DNA Test Centre in Benin -WHARC

How Does Grandparent DNA Test Work?

Each of the biological parents contribute 50% of their child’s DNA. Thus, when the child grows up and becomes a parent, he/she contributes 50% of his/her child’s DNA.

As a result of this, a grandchild’s DNA contains 25% of the grandparent’s DNA. This provides an avenue for confirming if a child is related to someone who is unavailable intentionally or due to demise through the person’s parent’s DNA testing.

When Can Grandparent DNA Test Be Done?

Grandparent DNA Test is advisable when either of or both alleged parents of the child in dispute is/are not available for testing but one of the alleged grandparents is available and willing to go through DNA test to confirm relationship with the child in dispute.

Lynx DNA Laboratories offers Grandparent DNA Test in Nigeria among other DNA Test services in various centres that are present in states in all geo-political zones.

Here is a list of our Grandparent DNA Test centres in Nigeria.

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