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Paternity Test in Nigeria

We offer Paternity Test in Nigeria at Lynx DNA Labs with DNA Test Centres spread across Lagos, Calabar, Benin, Port Harcourt, Aba among other states.

Blood typing (matching of blood types) was the form of parental testing that was in existence in the early 90’s after scientists discovered that types are inherited genetically. Over time, that has evolved into more sophisticated and more accurate genetic profiling with DNA test.

What is Paternity Test?

Paternity Test entails collection of small samples of blood, tissue, or any other body fluid from a child and ‘father’ in order to cross-examine their DNA to determine who is the genuine biological father of the child in dispute.

Sample of cells inside the cheek of a child and the alleged father can also be collected for Paternity Test, though DNA is present in almost every cell or body fluids in the human body.

Paternity Test in Nigeria

Why Paternity Test?

Paternity Test is normally done to determine the real biological father of a child in dispute by genetic profiling of both the child and the alleged father via DNA Test.

In most cases of dispute over who the true biological father of a child is, Paternity DNA Test has helped reach a generally accepted resolution.

Paternity DNA Test also provides correct medical history of a child which helps healthcare services provider with additional insight for managing a child’s health.

When Can DNA Paternity Test Be Done?

Paternity Test can be done during pregnancy and after childbirth. Paternity test done after a child is born is called postnatal paternity test and it is done through umbilical cord collection at delivery or collection of the baby’s body fluid at a lab.

Prenatal paternity test is done via CVS or amniocentesis with possibility of a miscarriage being carefully considered.

Where to Do Paternity Test in Nigeria?

Lynx DNA Laboratories offers DNA Paternity test among other DNA Test services in various centres that are present in states in all geo-political zones in Nigeria.

Find a list of our Paternity DNA Test centres in Nigeria.

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