Our Values


We provide confidential information on DNA identity testing to legal and medical professionals and directly to people involved.

The advantage of this is that you receive reliable, professional DNA information from professional staff that handle all the details of DNA testing for you in and efficient and confidential manner.

Once we receive a quest to initiate a DNA test, we assign a case manager and a professional to oversee all aspect of sample collections and testing. When the notarized, guaranty DNA Diagnostic Centre (DDC) and GENETICA DNA test are released, they are accompanied by detailed client data, an affidavit for genetic testing report and documentation of strict chain of custody procedures.


At Lynx DNA Labs, we do our best by nurturing a culture of excellence within the organization, we open the path to success. There is always an ever- changing dynamic in both our personal journey and the collective journey of our teams.


We Perform DNA identity and parentage test for individuals with their knowledge and informed consent or as directed by a court order.

We conduct all aspect of DNA identity and parentage testing with strict confidentiality, we safeguard the genetic information our patients commit into our care. The professionals in our laboratories are dedicated and dedicated and maintain the highest standards.

We realize that we are touching people’s lives in the most sacred in the most sacred ways. We are always mindful of the sanctity of each life and treat each person in   accordance with that knowledge.

Our highly trained staff take time and care to listen, and strive to provide our customers with enough information, before, during and after the DNA test, always in confidence.


Our clients are taken through pre-test counseling, letting them know the result commonly be one of two options (positive or negative) especially in paternity or maternity issue. The objective is for harmony in the family. Once the result is out, we often offer counseling to promote harmony in the family many times at no cost.

Our partners Genetica DNA and DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) are always ready for DNA result consultations on your case. There are no charges for professional consultations regarding the DNA test result we provide. Upon your request, our experienced doctoral staff are ready to provide expert witness testimonies, affidavits and depositions. Testing time for single parent and trip cases is approximately 48hours (2 business days) for clients in the USA, and 14days for clients in Nigeria

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