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DNA Test Centre in Nigeria

At Lynx DNA Test Centre in Nigeria, our services include DNA Paternity Test, Maternity DNA Test, Grandparent DNA Test, Family Reconstruction, Twin ZYGOSITY Test, Siblingship DNA Test, Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test, Male Lineage Testing, Female Lineage Testing, Avuncular DNA Test.

Lynx DNA Test Centre in Nigeria makes DNA Testing very convenient through our designated Collection Centres across Nigeria where you can go for test sampling and collect your DNA test result without having to travel from one state to the other.

An Avuncular DNA testing, Aunt-Uncle DNA testing, allows the brother or sister of the parent in dispute to participate in a DNA test

This provide additional information for situations where maternity is in question, but the mother is unavailable for a maternity test.

Male Lineage Testing can indirectly tell you whether or not a child is related to the alleged father’s brother(s)

This is genetic profiling that compares DNA of a child with the alleged mother to determine the true biological mother.

This entails collection of small samples of blood, tissue, or any other body fluid from a child and ‘father’ in order to cross-examine their DNA

This test is done on one of the parents of either the father or the mother of child in dispute if the alleged father, mother or both are not available

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test helps discover the paternity of a baby before birth. Sometimes, paternity questions make women opt for this.

It is  the use of standard genetic markers to determine statistical probability of two or more people of being full or half brothers.

Twin Zygosity DNA Test, also called a “twins test” is used to determine degree of similarity between twins, also called Zygosity.

This Test is a special paternity test that compares genetic information of a child in dispute with that of two or more relatives who are close to the alleged father.

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