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DNA Diagnostic Centre DDC

DDC, DNA Diagnostics Center, is one of the leading and most highly accredited genetic testing laboratories in the world.

DNA Diagnostics Center provides comprehensive DNA testing services in Paternity and family relationships, Health and wellness, Veterinary, Forensics testing

DDC was founded by Dr. Richard Lee, over 20 years ago, on the belief that the technological advancements in DNA testing should translate into services that are accessible and affordable to everyone.

DNA Diagnostic Centre DDC Contact

1, DDC Way, Fairfield, Ohio, United States.
+1 513-881-7800

Genetica DNA Laboratories

Genetica DNA Labs is one of the largest providers of private DNA identity tests to the general public, health care providers, scientific and legal professionals, and US embassies and consulates throughout the United States and worldwide.

Genetica DNA Laboratories has been providing services in the areas of human DNA identity testing and DNA family relationship testing for over 20 years.

Genetic testing services by Genetica DNA Laboratories have been used, trusted by the legal community to resolve legal issues involving DNA testing for over 20 years.

Genetica DNA Laboratories Contact

870, Montgomery Road,Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
1-800-433-6848, 1- 513-985-9777