Is DNA all about paternity testing?

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There are so many opportunities and reasons for many people to have their DNA tested or want to have it tested but a lot of people think or feel that DNA test is all about or just means PATERNITY DNA TEST.

Technology has advanced very rapidly over the last 15 years and with that has come the amazing advancements in DNA testing.  

DNA test as become so easy to do now that anyone can walk into a testing center and get a DNA test done or even see if they have a match with someone who they think could be their sibling. This is a great technology that only seems to be growing more and more as time goes on.  

  1. Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

One important area of DNA research is that of genetics and medical research. Due to our discovery of DNA, our ability to actually diagnose diseases early on has been vastly improved. In addition, we have been able to better assess a person’s genetic susceptibility to specific diseases. In doing so, we have also paved the pathway to formulate brand new drugs to treat these diseases. In fact, drugs can essentially be custom made to complement a person’s personal biochemistry and genetic makeup.

  • Down syndrome and Genotype

Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) is usually performed between the 10th and 12th weeks of pregnancy. The doctor removes a small piece of blood to check for genetic problems in the fetus, such as Down syndrome and Genotype of the child.

  • Ancestry DNA test

With an interest in family trees growing, a DNA test can also be used as part of a search for your genetic ancestors. Since the Y chromosome found in males is likely to remain unchanged from generation to generation, its analysis can be used to set up ancestral lines.  

  •  Prenatal DNA Test

Through the use of prenatal genetic tests, doctors can now assess whether or not the unborn fetus will have health problems. Doctors can also use DNA testing to assess the probability of risk of certain genetic diseases, for example prostate cancer can now be identified as a high risk, ensuring regular checkups, which will lead to possible identifying the cancer in its early stages.

  • Maternity DNA Test

Most people are not actually aware that a maternity test can be carried out on a child, In the case of foundlings or adopted children, a maternity test can be an important step in locating an absent mother.

  • Criminal investigations

DNA tests are now being widely used in criminal investigations. In cases with repeat offenders, police are able to store DNA profiles and compare them with the samples of other unsolved crimes. Recently, there have been cases in the news of individuals, previously convicted of crimes, being released following new evidence submitted through DNA testing. Many cases, previously labeled unsolved, have also been dealt with through new ways of analyzing evidence.

  • Siblings and Relationship DNA Test

Many people tracking down long lost relatives are also using DNA tests. By analyzing a person’s DNA, matches can be established, and families reunited and relationships renewed. Especially in cases where members of the family are deceased, through sibling and grandparent tests, biological relationships can now be confirmed.

  • Immigration DNA Test

One of the major benefits of DNA testing in immigration cases is that it can provide an alternate source of reliable data to prove family relationships when documentary evidence is suspect, missing, or inaccessible. Providing adequate documentation to prove familial relations can be difficult for a number of reasons, including war or other forms of civil disturbance, lack of governmental infrastructure, corruption, and poverty.

As DNA technology evolves, so will advances in its use of testing. The accessibility and widespread use mean that testing is also becoming cheaper. Its many uses in criminal, civil and personal cases mean that many of today’s questions can be answered with a simple test.

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