Fatherhood and Work: Both are important in raising a sound child

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There’s been plenty writings about moms going back to work after having a child and the effects this has on the home, but achieving a healthy, effective family-career balance is just as important for dads as it is for moms.

Effective parenting means setting a good example in all aspects of life, including being responsible and dedicating time to your job. So how do you find that elusive sweet spot? How do you effectively divide the hours in your week between being a good dad and bringing in the bacon?

Here Are a Few Tip:

Make Family a Priority

You might have an extensive calendar at work, full of meetings, appointments, or places you need to be. In most of these cases, you wouldn’t dream of cancelling or rescheduling. Adopt the same philosophy and dedication to ‘showing up’ for your family. Create and put family activities on your calendar, then be there.

Years from now, your daughter will remember your ‘dates’ at the playground just the two of you hanging out on the swings, talking. And your son will remember that he could always count on seeing you in the stands for his football games. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cost money. But this kind of involvement creates lasting memories and a legacy for generations. Kids remember that they were important enough to you that you gave them your time.

Negotiate More Work Flexibility, If Possible

We are in the digital age 2.0! We don’t just have computers: We have laptops, tablets, and cellphones that can do more than our first desktops could do. It’s easy to stay connected, and many companies are finding that they can lower their overhead by having fewer people taking up space in an office building that requires lighting, heat, air conditioning, and water. Since so many jobs are done primarily on the computer, they allow their employees to do at least some of their work remotely. That means time at home with the kids and time to do a little laundry while staying busy with work.

If you’re looking for a new job, or even if you’re frustrated with your work-life balance at your current position, it’s worth looking into remote work. Find a company that embraces the work-from-home philosophy or try to negotiate it. You may find that you can’t get a deal that keeps you out of the office all five days each week, but even one or two extra days at home can make a big difference.

Be Present, Really

Even if you think you’re ‘there’ for your family, you may not be, really. Good parenting usually involves limiting screen-time for kids so that they can get outside and get physical or spend more time on homework, right? What dads may not realize is that they spend as much if not more time looking at screens each day, especially if their career involves working at a computer.

There are 168 hours in a week. If 50 are spent sleeping and 60 are spent at work, you have 58 hours each week to spend on enjoying the rest of your life, including your family (Parker). Dads who pull their eyes away from electronic screens and instead spend the majority of those available hours making true memories with their kids reap rewards that last a lifetime.

Try to leave work at the office. This one can be really tough. Many jobs have seasonal hot times that mean a month or two of really heavy workload. That may be unavoidable. But, before you lock yourself in the den to work in the evening, take a moment to consider if the work you have to do is worth sacrificing family time

No Need to be a Superhero: Simplify Your Life

Dads don’t have to be superheroes to absolutely everyone! If free time is tight, reserve wearing the cape for your own family. Especially when your kids are young, balancing work and family may mean temporarily foregoing joining the office basketball league, improving your golf game on Saturday mornings or even catching up on that work project over the weekend.

Most employers admire dads who value their family and take the time to nurture those relationships, especially if you are upfront about how important your kids are to you.

Show Equal Passion

Commit to being as passionate about raising your children well as you are about earning a living. When you prioritize as equally as possible, the things that are most important to you, both in your job and in your family life,  naturally float to the top and the rest gets forgotten you’ll realize those other things just don’t matter.

Remember, there aren’t any perfect dads and parenting is the hardest work you’ll ever do. If you fall short some weeks, cut yourself some slack and try again!

Take Vacations Away From Home.

Do your best to coordinate with your spouse to get away for a few days or a week together with the kids.

Dual-income families generally mean increased financial stability. However, that extra money can come at its own price. Too often the inability to get away can keep Mom, Dad, and the kids all running in separate directions.

The good news is two-fold: More and more companies are trying to find ways to help fathers maintain a suitable work-life balance. Even better, today’s fathers are trying harder to find that balance for themselves

Find Time to Exercise

Lastly, understand that you matter a lot .When you feel good, you’ll have more energy to have quality time with your family.

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