1. Are DNA Tests Accurate?

    There are different DNA Tests for confirming various types of relationships in different circumstances, sometimes depending on availability of people of involved.

    At Lynx DNA Labs,  we will advise you on the most appropriate DNA test for the situation you are in and you can be sure to get the most accurate answers to your questions regarding DNA and relationships which you are not clear on.

  2. How Does DNA Test Work?

    Lynx DNA Labs will schedule DNA test sampling appointment. We finalize the details, provide you with the information needed including the date, time and location, as well as the local contact person at any of our Collection Centres near you.

    No matter where the individuals to be tested reside, Lynx DNA Laboratories will make convenient arrangement for everyone involved. If necessary, or preferred, DNA test samples may be collected from each individual at different time or place.

  3. Can DNA Test Determine Siblings?

    Yes, DNA test samples of two supposed siblings can be analysed and compared to determine if they are full siblings, half siblings or not siblings at all.

    Lynx DNA Laboratories use standard genetic markers to determine statistical probability of two or more people of being full or half siblings.

  4. Do DNA Testing Kits Really Work?

    Yes, DNA testing kits working depending what you are trying to find out about your genes or ancestry. They at least help you trace your family tree.

    DNA testing kits work in collaboration with DNA database in the market. However, some are of the opinion that you maybe giving away too much information about you, your full genetic code and variations, to companies you neither know well nor sign confidentiality agreement with.

    Al Lynx DNA laboratories, confidentiality is one of our values. You can be sure that you DNA information is absolutely safe with us.

  5. Are DNA and Chromosomes the Same Thing?

    No, DNA and chromosomes are not exactly the same thing.

    Chromosomes are made up genes, while genes contains DNA. Certain segments of DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, which contain particular proteins make up genes. In general, Between hundreds to thousands of genes are found in a chromosome.  

  1. Are DNA Tests Real?

    We at Lynx DNA Laboratories can boldly say DNA tests are real and they provide authentic results, if you choose the right method that is applicable to your situation

    There are several myths, unconfirmed assumptions, regarding what DNA test can help you discover. But, over the years, we have offered DNA tests for clients in Nigeria, United States and other parts of the world to determine PaternityMaternitySiblingship, even Ancestry.

  2. Can DNA Test Be Done While Pregnant?

    Yes, DNA test can be done during pregnancy. Paternity DNA test can be done to determine the biological father of an unborn child during pregnancy.

    At Lynx DNA Laboratories, we offer other DNA tests that could be done while a woman is still pregnant, as the situation may require.

  3. What Are DNA Kits?

    DNA kits are ready-made genetic testing kits you can use at home to answer whatever DNA related questions you have. As user-friendly and convenient as DNA kits come, they have their well-known flaws which may hinder getting the most accurate results you can get.

    DNA kits, like AncestryDNA could help you explore your ethnic mix, distant relatives and new ancestors. But you sure cannot find out everything about your genes.

    DNA kits randomly test your DNA on a large scale which may not give the best results. Lynx DNA Labs focus our test on certain sections of your DNA that provides the strongest information about your genetic variations to help reach the most accurate conclusion.

  4. How Does DNA Testing Work in Criminal Cases?

    DNA test provides a powerful, standardized genetic testing tool for identification which is backed by law for use as forensic evidence in criminal investigations.

    Forensic testing uses DNA test to identify suspects or victims in a high-level criminal investigations.

    DNA test used in forensic testing works based on the fact that every cell in the body contains the same DNA. And as such, DNA test samples can be taken from cheek swab, hair, spit, sweat, blood or other body fluids for proper investigation.

  5. Can DNA Be Changed?

    No, DNA itself does not change. Although, genes (functions) change via a process called epigenetics or genetic mutation.

    So many external factors within the environments can make genes to change, even some food you eat can influence your genes to change. But, your DNA is not altered in such process.

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