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Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria - What, Why, How, and Where?

Family Tree is a diagram showing the relationship between people in several generations of a family. Typically, a genogram resembles a family tree that extends at least as far as your great grandparents, if not further.

Relationships, whether close or far, are what reconstruction is primarily interested in. Also the recurring patterns throughout many generations. Family rebuilding is a ...

Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria - What, Why, How, and Where?

Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria is one of the most effective scientific and legal means of validating blood relations among family members. Let’s say a way of using DNA patterns to construct a family tree, literally.

When none of the potential test subjects is available, a family reconstruction DNA test is used to determine whether a group of two or more people are related....

What Is Recombinant Technology?

Recombinant DNA technology entails changing genetic material outside of an organism to produce living things or their products with improved and desired traits. With the help of the right vector, this approach includes inserting DNA fragments from various sources with desired ge...
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DNA Trending in Nigeria - All You Need to Know about DNA

You asked, we listened. Many people have asked so many burning questions as to why DNA is trending in Nigeria, we have put together all you need to know about DNA and how it works.

DNA is a molecule that holds the biological instructions that give each species its individuality. During reproduction, DNA and the instructions it carries are transferred from adult organisms to their proge...