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DNA Test In Nigeria - Why, Where, How And Price?

In the simplest of terms, a DNA test or genetic test is a test that is used to find changes in your DNA sequence or chromosome structure. DNA tests in Nigeria seek to see changes, sometimes called mutations or variants.

  For instance, DNA tests can be done to determine the biological relationship between a man and a child. That means, a DNA test, in this case also called

Symptoms of Cancer in Nigeria - Use DNA Test to Detect Cancer

Do you feel like you are experiencing symptoms of Cancer? Find out how you can detect and manage cancer with a DNA test in Nigeria.

Globally, Cancer is becoming an increasingly common illness, rising at a rate of 3-4% each year. The disease is predominantly diagnosed in older individuals, with the average age for men being 65 and women being 70.

In Nigeria, Cancer is on the ...

What Is Recombinant Technology?

Recombinant DNA technology entails changing genetic material outside of an organism to produce living things or their products with improved and desired traits. With the help of the right vector, this approach includes inserting DNA fragments from various sources with desired ge...