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How Can an Adopted Child Find Birth Parents with DNA Testing?

As an adoptee, you start by sending in a saliva sample, then wait six to eight weeks for processing before receiving a list of matches. A parent or sibling will immediately present themselves as a match for a small set of individuals. 

At the same time, identifying the immediate family will take time and effort from the larger population.

How Does Maternity DNA Test in Nigeria Work?

  Usually, a specialized DNA test laboratory, like Lynx DNA Laboratory, conducts maternity DNA tests for clients. A woman who wants to take the test may go to the DNA test center and provide DNA samples. The DNA sample will then be tested to determine if it is genetically compatible with that of the child in dispute.

During this process, 21 genetic loci will be examined during a pr...

Cancer DNA Test in Nigeria

A DNA test can diagnose specific types of Cancers that are common in Nigeria, such as breast, ovarian and cervical Cancers. It can also detect other types, such as prostate and colon cancers, which affect males and females irrespective of their ethnic heritage or country.


Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria - What, Why, How, and Where?

Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria is one of the most effective scientific and legal means of validating blood relations among family members. Let’s say a way of using DNA patterns to construct a family tree, literally.

When none of the potential test subjects is available, a family reconstruction DNA test is used to determine whether a group of two or more people are related....