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Common Reasons People Do DNA Tests 

The instructions are passed from parent to child and an individual’s DNA is a 50:50 ratio between their mother and father. From this, we can see how important DNA is, so let’s look at the reasons why people bother about doing DNA tests. 

  •  Forensic 

Detectives will be stupefied a...

DNA Maternity Test in Nigeria - Is It Really Necessary?

DNA maternity test in Nigeria is ideal for a couple considering marriage but still want to ensure the woman has no children from previous relationships. It is also conducted when there are doubts about a child's maternity.

Recently, DNA maternity tests have become increasingly popular in Nigeria among couples who want to be double sure before getting married. 

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Family Reconstruction DNA Test in Nigeria - What, Why, How, and Where?

Family Tree is a diagram showing the relationship between people in several generations of a family. Typically, a genogram resembles a family tree that extends at least as far as your great grandparents, if not further.

Relationships, whether close or far, are what reconstruction is primarily interested in. Also the recurring patterns throughout many generations. Family rebuilding is a ...