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Immigration DNA Test In Nigeria - Why, How, Where, And How Much?

An Immigration DNA test in Nigeria is a genetic test used to confirm a stated biological relationship between two or more individuals, for travel purposes.    It is especially useful when other forms of credible evidence are not available for the processing of an immigrant’s visa application. Immigration DNA test commonly tests paternity, maternity, full-siblingship, or half-siblingship....
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How do Immigration DNA Tests work

  • Locate an accredited facility: To initiate the process, you (petitioner) need to select an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited DNA centre (such as any of the Lynx DNA Laboratory testing centers across Nigeria), where your DNA sam...
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    Peace of Mind DNA Test VS Legal DNA Test - All You Need To Know

    If you have taken your time to read up on DNA tests, you have probably come across these terms peace of mind DNA tests and court-admissible or legal DNA tests. The tests associated with these terms can mean the same thing, however, their purposes differ significantly.  Considering that there are multiple reasons for doing a DNA test, you may be conducting a peace of mind DNA test or a Legal on...
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    DNA Testing Process

      DNA Testing Process Step-by-Step 

    The process of DNA tests is majorly the same, regardless of the type of test. It follows five (5) steps; namely:

      Step 1 - Collection 

    This is the process of collecting samples
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    DNA Test And Child Adoption in Nigeria – How Adopted Child Can Find Biological Parents

    You have definitely heard about child adoption in Nigeria many times, but do you know how an adopted child can find a biological parent (father or mother) with a DNA test? 

    Let’s unravel this real quick...

    Over the years, many programs aired on TV, the news, and social media have been based on how people, primarily adults, meet their birth parents for the first time. Thes...
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    Paternity Fraud: 10 Lessons from Celebrity Paternity Scandals in Nigeria

    From recent experiences and research that made the headlines in Nigeria, paternity fraud is closer to you than you can imagine. That is why we are sharing 10 lessons you can learn from infamous celebrity paternity frauds for you to be more aware and always double sure.

    A research feature in the