All you need to know about DNA Testing for Immigration purpose

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The process of immigration to other country especially the developed countries can be an extensive and complex procedure. It takes a lot of time and money. DNA testing for immigration purposes has come a long way in helping a piece of that process become a bit easier.

Before DNA testing, confirming your relationship meant chasing down birth certificates and other legal paper work for relationship confirmation. If the information was not complete, this sometimes meant starting the process over again . . . and again. Now, providing evidence of a relationship for immigration purposes is a great deal more manageable

What is Immigration DNA Testing?

Usually used specifically for cases that involve a family, immigration DNA testing is used to identify that everyone involved is indeed family. This test will work for identifying paternity, maternity, and even siblings. This test certify all claims and backup appropriate documentation to prove identity, such as birth certificate.

Why DNA Testing for Immigration?

Each country has various laws and regulations pertaining to immigration. If one family member is already a citizen, for example, the country may allow for immediate family members or extended family members to also enter on the grounds that sufficient evidence exists to prove the relationship. Whether the situation is one that involves the granting of a visa or more permanent status, DNA testing is a relatively straightforward process to ensure that accurate evidence is provided. Although applicants are not forced to undergo DNA testing in relation to their immigration application, it is in their best interests to do so, assuming they have been truthful about a claimed familial relationship.


The immigration DNA-testing process

  • DNA tests as part of the immigration process must be a legal paternity test requested by the country’s Embassy.
  • Legal paternity testing requires having samples for participants living in the country collected at a collection facility near their home, by a disinterested third party.
  • The Collector supervises testing from collection to submission, ensuring an impartial chain-of-custody process.
  • A client support professional from a lab (like LYNX DNA LABORATORY) schedules the appointment based on the individual’s time requirements, and advises what will be needed for the DNA test collection to help ensure the best possible experience.
  • Those living overseas have their DNA test collection conducted at the States Embassy, or one of their affiliates.
  • We help make the process easier by walking you through the steps you should take prior to the collection so that you’re prepared.
  • The samples are all sent to the laboratory for DNA testing.
  • Once complete, results are sent directly to the embassy.

In all immigration situations, the Embassy maintains strict criteria for DNA test results, which we vigorously adhere to. At LYNX DNA LABORATORY we also do all we can to make the process as easy as possible for you.


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