We are Lynx  DNA Laboratories Ltd, accredited private DNA Testing centre in Nigeria. We were established as an affiliate of GENETICA and DNA Diagnostic Centre (DDC) Incorporated in 2006.  

GENETICA and DDC, who are based in Ohio United States, have gained global acclaim as one of the largest and most experienced private DNA testing laboratories in U.S.


An Avuncular DNA testing, Aunt-Uncle DNA testing, allows the brother or sister of the parent in dispute to participate in a DNA test

This provide additional information for situations where maternity is in question, but the mother is unavailable for a maternity test.

Male Lineage Testing can indirectly tell you whether or not a child is related to the alleged father’s brother(s)


Can DNA Testing Be Wrong?

Yes, for a number of reasons, DNA test results can be wrong. That is why Lynx DNA Laboratories ensure our tools and techniques are regularly vetted and upgraded to DNA testing international best practices.

Absolute adherence to chain of custody in legal cases is our watchword.


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